Selling More Fitness Challenges as a Creator (Pt. 1 of 3)

Selling More Fitness Challenges as a Creator (Pt. 1 of 3)
Selling More Fitness Challenges as a Creator (Pt. 1 of 3)

Welcome to our educational series for creators who want to maximize sales of their fitness challenges.

This series is all about sharing little-known tips, tactics, & frameworks to help fitness creators sell more challenges and help more people.

For all the posts in this series, I am going to start with 2 memorable takeaways.

It’s simple. Literally just remember the two takeaways for each of the 5 posts and you’ll crush it.

This first post is all about your pre-launch strategy. But even if you’ve already launched, having an understanding of these things will help you sell (a lot) more.

Our two takeaways for this post:

1) Get Your Branding Right

2) Take Your Audience On A Journey

And remember - it’s never too late to do these things, even after you’ve launched.

1) Get Your Branding Right

What is your audience looking for? Why are they following you?

Understanding your audience will help you create your branding for your challenge.

Branding is crucial. It can be the difference between selling hundreds of challenges and thousands.

The difference between helping hundreds of people and thousands.

In order to figure out your branding, you need to first figure out why people are following you.

Where have you built up trust with your audience? What questions are they asking you? What do they admire about you?

If people aspire to have your abs, maybe the branding for your challenge revolves around abs.

If people are commenting on your posts asking how to get your curves, maybe the branding revolves around your curves.

Here are some specific examples with potential names for your challenge:

  1. If people want your abs —> 6 Weeks to Shredded Abs Challenge
  2. If people want your curves —> 6 Week Hourglass Body Challenge OR 6 Week Fit & Curvy Challenge
  3. If people want your aesthetic physique —> 6 Weeks to Peak Aesthetics Challenge
  4. If it’s athleticism —> 6 Weeks to Explosive Athlete Challenge
  5. If you have a beginner audience that’s just starting out and scared of the gym —> 6 Week Beginner Lifting Challenge (Subtitle: Become More Confident In The Gym)

The more visual the name the better.

You always want your name to map back to your branding. You want your name to map back to what you are personally known for.

You want your challenge to be about something you’ve built trust around.

People buy because they trust you. So find where you’ve built trust and double down on it.

2) Take Your Audience On A Journey

To take your pre-launch strategy to the next level, you want to take your audience on a JOURNEY with you.

As you’re creating the challenge, ask your audience what they want to see in the program?

Instagram story a picture of you typing up your challenge on your computer. It doesn’t have to look pretty. The more raw & authentic, the better!

Ask your audience if they are excited for the challenge to drop.

Do a poll asking: what type of challenge do you want me to create?

  1. Lose fat
  2. Build muscle
  3. Get stronger

Even if you already know exactly what you are going to create (or hey, even if you’ve already created it!) – let your audience FEEL as if they are on a journey with you.

Let them feel as if they are helping you create it. This will be game-changing.

Taking your audience on a journey with you will generate more excitement around your challenge.

And when people buy, they will be even more satisfied with the product because they’ll feel like they had a say in it.

These are your pre-launch tips! Part 2 (launch) is now available here. And part 3 (post-launch) is here.

Need help setting up a new challenge?

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