Ignite Engagement: Dive into Solin's New Video Feature!🎥

Ignite Engagement: Dive into Solin's New Video Feature!🎥
You can watch a quick video HERE on the new feature!

Hey Creators!

We're always looking for ways to help you strengthen your community connections and offer greater value to your members. That's why we're excited to introduce an incredible new feature to the Solin App: Videos in Your Community!

What’s New?

  • Interactive Video Posts: Creators now have the ability to upload video clips (up to 60 seconds) to your communities. This feature is similar to a private instagram story shared directly to your members! At the moment, only creators have the ability to post videos, but let us know as you use the feature if you think we should roll it out to participants too.
  • Effortless Uploading: Whether you upload a pre-recorded video or make one on the spot, sharing videos is lightning fast. Simply upload the clip and let your community interact with it!

Why it Matters? 

  • Community Engagement: If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how many words is a video worth? Sorry to get philosophical, we know this is just a newsletter update! In all seriousness, we have had this feature requested so many times simply because making videos is so easy and they are able to convey meaning far beyond simple text and images. This interaction builds a stronger, more connected community.
  • Interactive Experience: Just like any other post, your participants have the ability to comment, like, and tag others. Members can still engage with the content and bring others along with them.
  • Participants LOVE Communities: So many of the 5 star reviews on Solin talk about how amazing your communities are and how incredible you all are as creators. We want to give you even more power with this feature to foster that connection & impact lives.

Get Started Today!

Are you ready to elevate your community engagement with videos? Start uploading to your community today and let that engagement skyrocket!

Just Hit Record!

Mathew & the Solin Team