Solin Spotlight: Pernille’s Success Story

Solin Spotlight: Pernille’s Success Story


This Solin Spotlight delves into the remarkable story of Pernille, one of our most exciting partners. Pernille has increased her total challenge participants more than 7x so far this year (and it’s only June!).

The below Solin Spotlight highlights how Pernille has transformed hundreds of lives through her dedication, passion, and drive.

Why does she do it? In her words:

"Fitness and self-development have completely changed the way that I live my life and the way I feel on the inside! I used to be very insecure, and developing self-discipline helped me learn to connect with myself for the first time ever. This compounded into me believing in myself and going after the life that I deep down want to create. My mission in life is to help others experience this transformation as well, and these challenges are incredible in guiding individuals to find their transformational path!"

Launching Challenges with Ease

Pernille’s ability to consistently launch engaging fitness challenges on Solin has been a game-changer. Over the past five months, she has successfully launched a new challenge each month.

This consistency has allowed her to maintain a regular presence, engage deeply with her audience, and help countless individuals on their fitness journeys (and increased her reach 7x this year!).

Exceptional Participant Experience

Participants in Pernille's challenges not only achieve their fitness goals but also experience personal growth and transformation.

We asked Pernille what her challengers love most, and this is what she said:

“Surprisingly many challengers sign up to gain physical results, and while they do reach their fitness goals, most challengers speak about the effect that the genuine challenges and self-development has had on their development and transformation.

We love this so much because it speaks to the incredible impact Pernille has on both the physical AND mental transformations of participants.

Here are a few things that Pernille does in her challenges that make them so amazing:

  • Live Group Calls: Pernille invites her participants to have a kick-off live session which is an awesome way to promote community and get participants super excited about the life changing journey they are starting on! She keeps the momentum going with weekly live calls where she can answer any questions and the community can all hang out.
  • Exercise Demonstrations & Tracking: Pernille makes it easy for participants by providing video demonstrations for her home and gym exercises to reduce any confusion on what they should be doing!
  • Community Engagement: The community feed - which is a standard part of every challenge on Solin - really comes to life in Pernille’s challenges. She fosters a supportive environment where participants and Pernille interact daily. She's active and replies to every participant in her community, showing that she truly cares about their journey and is there to support them along the way. The inspiration goes both ways! Pernille told us this about her challengers,
“They all inspire me like crazy, and I just love our weekly chats and daily encouragement and support in the group!”

Converting Potential Participants

Pernille’s challenges have a magnetic appeal that draws in potential participants and converts them into active members. Here’s how she does it:

  • Positive Reviews and Testimonials: Authentic reviews automatically captured and displayed build trust and encourage new participants to join her challenges. Heather, a participant in Pernille’s March Transformation Challenge shares:
"Pernille is AMAZING. She is incredibly engaging and supportive. She definitely leads by example and responds to any and all questions. I hope to do another challenge with her!!"
  • User Satisfaction: Pernille's challenges have a stellar 90%+ user satisfaction score, showcasing the quality and appeal of her programs. She always delivers!
  • Repeat Participation: Pernille’s dedication to her participants leads to high retention rates. In her June challenge, 15-20% of participants were returning customers, reflecting the positive impact she has on their lives.


Pernille’s incredible challenges highlight three key factors driving her remarkable community:

  1. Her determination and willingness in launching challenges for her participants
  2. Providing an exceptional participant experience through her care and responsiveness towards her community
  3. Incredible conversion of participants across challenges

Pernille’s journey showcases her ability to inspire, transform lives, and create a thriving community dedicated to health and self-improvement. To end it with a word from Pernille,

“What surprised me most about running challenges is how close you get to become with these beautiful individuals from all over the world."

Thank you Pernille for being an inspiration!

-Mathew & The Solin Team