Fitness Challenge Launch Strategy (Pt. 2 of 3)

Fitness Challenge Launch Strategy (Pt. 2 of 3)
Selling More Fitness Challenges as a Creator

Welcome back to our educational series for fitness creators. If you missed part 1 on pre-launch strategy, you can check it out here: Pt. 1 of 3

Today, it's all about your actual LAUNCH and how to kick things off with a bang.

As always, I'll start with two crucial takeaways for this segment:

  1. Consistency Matters
  2. Invest 5 Minutes To Increase Next 12 Months Sales

Here we go.

1) Consistency Matters

Contrary to what many believe, launch day isn't necessarily the day you'll see most of your sales - at least if you do things the right way.

Nope, it's not about that one flashy moment where you announce your challenge.

Instead, it's the consistent drip of mentions and the continuous reminders that create a buzz and keep it going.

The marketing rule of 7 states that a potential customer needs to hear something 7 times before they buy (and in today’s social media world where content is everywhere, that number is probably higher for most people).

Being genuine, transparent, and speaking about your challenge frequently is essential.

It's not just about informing; it's about ingraining your offering into the minds of your followers.

The more they hear about it, the more intrigued they become, and the more likely they are to take action.

Spoiler alert: it doesn’t actually matter how much work you put into your challenge or how good it is - your audience only believes it’s as good as how much you talk about it.

If you reference it in every post, consistently discuss the value in your challenge, and share example workouts from your challenge on social - the perceived value of your challenge is high.

Subconsciously, your audience will believe that you put a TON of work into your challenge. And they’ll be much more likely to buy.

On the other hand, if you mention your challenge once on launch day and never talk about it again, your audience will think you just launched to try to make an extra buck.

How consistently you mention your challenge is an indication of how much time & effort you put into it .

Be consistent!

2) Invest 5 Minutes To Increase Your Next 12 Months Sales

On launch day, all it takes is 5 quick minutes to set your social platforms up for success.

Doing a few simple things will set you up to rake in passive sales over the next 3, 6, 12 months. (If you use Solin, we can automatically turn your Challenge into a Program when it's done so you can keep getting purchases for as long as you want).

Remember, launch day isn’t just about the day itself. It sets the tone for the coming days, weeks, and months. Done right, this is your foundation for robust sales throughout the year.

To maximize this, it’s about following a tactical guide for launch and setting up a routine for yourself that remains even after the buzz of the initial announcement.

This routine ensures your challenge remains top-of-mind for anyone checking out your content up until your challenge start date and beyond.

Tactical Guide for Launch:

  1. Add Line In Bio: Add a line to your Instagram & TikTok bios to mention your challenge. A simple line like this makes all the difference.
    1. My 6 week challenge ⬇️
  2. Bio Linking - Ensure your challenge is the first link in your bio. This should be higher than any of your affiliate partners, since you are only keeping 10-20% of those affiliate sales vs. much more on your challenge.
  3. Pin Launch Post Top LeftPin your launch post top-left on Instagram and TikTok, ensuring it's the first thing people see when they come to your page.
  4. Instagram Story Highlight: Create a separate highlight dedicated solely to your challenge, showcasing testimonials, behind-the-scenes content, and FAQs.
  5. TikTok Playlist: Create a separate TikTok playlist specifically for your challenge for maximum visibility.

Last, but NOT least: craft a simple phrase that you can add at the bottom of every Instagram post, TikTok caption, or YouTube video.

Get in the habit of adding this to every caption, before any hashtags you use. Even if the caption or post has nothing to do with your challenge, that’s okay.

It could be as simple as: "Reminder: 6-Week Booty Challenge in Bio."

Or if you already have sponsors or affiliates you mention in your posts, add this as well. Here's how it might look at the bottom of every caption on all platforms:

  • @alphalete code: JACK (15% OFF)
  • @gymshark code: JACK (10% OFF)
  • @solinstream 6-Week Booty Challenge in Bio

If you don't prompt people to buy it, they won't. So make sure you consistently give them prompts.

There you have it! Your guide to making your launch day—and every day after that—a massive success.

Part 3 (post-launch) of this series is here! And remember, every step you take now sets the trajectory for the future.

Need help setting up a new challenge?

If you need help setting up a new challenge or selling more of an existing one, we’re happy to help!

Apply here and shoot us an email to with subject line: LAUNCH for expedited review.