Recommended: Cookbooks & Nutrition Guides for The New Year

Recommended: Cookbooks & Nutrition Guides for The New Year

With the holiday season upon us & the New Year fast approaching, questions are rolling in about the most popular cookbooks on Solin.

Check out a sneak peek below into some of our favorite cookbooks & nutrition guides to treat yourself or buy as gifts for the New Year.

And keep reading for 3 fresh products launching in the New Year that we’re super excited about!

If you have any questions on any of these recommendations, feel free to email and a member of our team will be happy to assist!

@andika.rodriguez on Instagram

Punchline: 54 healthy recipes that make every meal feel like a cheat meal

What’s included: 54 recipes spanning breakfast, lunch, dinner, smoothies, desserts with nutritional info, cooking instructions, and a fun message for each recipe (122 total pages)

Why people love it: Andika’s Cut & Curvy Cookbook makes it easy & fun to eat healthily! She lives by the motto: ‘food doesn’t have to be bland to be healthy’ – and this cookbook helps make that a reality

Where to learn more: Cut & Curvy Cookbook

2. Simple, Fun, & Easy: Isabella Mira’s Muscle Mami Cookbook & Nutrition Guide

@_isabellamira on Instagram

Punchline: Nutrition guide including 13 high protein recipes with a Colombian kick

What’s included: Isabella’s nutrition guide, a high protein snacks cheat sheet, and 13 fun recipes with a Colombian spin (34 total pages)

Why people love it: It’s simple & easy to understand. The nutrition guide will help you develop a healthier relationship with food, and the recipes provide some healthy options that will become staples in your diet

Where to learn more: Muscle Mami Cookbook & Nutrition Guide

3. Nutrition Education: Joe Shulk's Beast Bulking & Ultimate Shredding Nutrition Guides

@joeshulk on Instagram

Punchline: Two nutrition guide options with everything you need to know about bulking (gaining muscle) or getting shredded (losing fat)

What’s included: Each guide contains specific tips & tricks for eating according to your goals, making healthy food taste good, meal ideas, a macronutrient overview, nutrition education & science-backed references, a supplement guide, & much more (each guide is 40+ pages)

Why people love it: These guides contain all the important information about how to fuel your body to either add muscle or burn fat, with specific practical tips that you can put in action starting today

Where to learn more: Shulk's Beast Nutrition Guide for Bulking OR Shulk's Ultimate Guide to Getting Shredded

4. High Protein Punch: Kenza Tounatki’s ‘Keep It Clean’ Cookbook

@kenza.lifts on Instagram

Punchline: Delicious protein-packed recipes across a variety of cuisines

What’s included: 26 high-protein, healthy recipes with prep time, calories, macros, ingredients, and method of preparation for every recipe (35 total pages)

Why people love it: Easy recipes that taste amazing, make it easy to hit your daily protein goals, and create a sustainable nutrition plan that’s easy to follow

Where to learn more: Keep it Clean Cookbook

5. Most Comprehensive: Anowa Adjah’s Ultimate Food & Nutrition Guide

@anowa.adjah on Instagram

Punchline: Everything you need to upgrade your nutrition knowledge & overall relationship with food

What’s included: Nutrition masterclass, healthy foods lists, Anowa’s favorite spices/seasonings/sauces, 25 healthy recipes (inc. 10 vegan options), 10 West African-inspired soups & stews, 7 smoothie/juicing options, 11-step Nutrition Detox (103 total pages)

Why people love it: It has everything you need to level up your nutrition game, including some incredible healthy recipes that taste amazing. This is the all-in-one guide to improve your nutrition

Where to learn more: Anowa’s Ultimate Food & Nutrition Guide

Products to Keep an Eye On: Coming Soon

1. Whitney Johns’ Gut Health Challenge & Recipe Book

@whitneyjohns on Instagram

Punchline: Take back control of your gut health in 2023

What will be included: Whitney’s Gut Health Handbook, Gut Health Recipe Book, 9 Steps to a Better Gut, Daily Gut Health Journal, and so much more

Where to sign up for the waitlist: Gut Health Challenge & Recipe Book

2. Lauralie Chapados – Taste Good, Feel Good, Look Good: Ultimate Nutrition Guide

@lauraliechap on Instagram

Punchline: Learn how to eat like a Bikini Champion & prepare your food like an expert chef

What will be included: Lauralie’s 7 Keys to a healthy lifestyle & relationship with food, 6 nutrition MYTHBUSTERS, competition meals & meal prep guide, non-competition meals, Lauralie’s favorite seasonings / condiments / dressings / salad tips, tips to make boring meals fun, food measurements & swaps guide, 6 go-to Starbucks orders, & travel cheat sheet

Where to sign up for the waitlist: Taste Good, Feel Good, Look Good - Ultimate Nutrition Guide

3. BrittneBabe - No Diets, No Quick Fixes, Just Good Food Cookbook

@brittnebabe on Instagram

Punchline: The holy grail of all cookbooks (nutrition hacks paired with 100+ delicious, balanced recipes – some healthy, some less-so)

What will be included: Brittne’s nutrition hacks, tips & tricks, grocery list & portion control, 100+ recipes across 9 fun categories, food journal, & so much more

Where to sign up for the waitlist: No Diets, No Quick Fixes, Just Good Food

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