Solin - New Feature Updates

Solin - New Feature Updates
You can watch a quick video HERE on the new features!

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Hey Creators, 

We hope you have been enjoying the latest updates to Solin and we have been hard at work to bring you more!

Make sure you watch the video referenced above, then read on for more info on the improvements:

1. Solin Sheets

  • Simplified Programming: Creating and organizing workout programs is now a breeze. You can use our intuitive Sheets builder to program exactly like you would in a Google Doc. More challenges, less hassle! 

2. Demo Video Integration

  • Instant Access: Demo videos right next to each exercise make it super easy for users to follow along. Amazing guidance at the right time! 

3. Exercise Videos Tab

  • Effortless Management: Quickly see what videos you need, reuse old ones, or add new ones. Keeping your content fresh has never been easier. 

4. Upgraded Android Video Player

  • Smooth Viewing: A brand-new video player for Android ensures a top-notch experience for users. No more glitches, just gains! 

Overall Impact

  • Interactive & Engaging: These updates make your programs more interactive and user-friendly, keeping your community motivated and on track. 

We’re pumped for you to use these new tools to bring even better challenges to your community! 


Mathew & the Solin Team