Level Up Your Life

Level Up Your Life

There are so many factors that go into living a happy, healthy, & high-quality life. At Solin, it’s our job to help you unlock that life you’ve always dreamed of living.

Dan Buettner – a National Geographic Fellow, journalist, and New York Times bestseller created the concept of the Blue Zones. The Blue Zones are the 5 hotspots in the world where people live the longest, healthiest lives.

Those hotspots are:

· Sardinia, Italy

· Okinawa, Japan

· Loma Linda, California

· Icaria, Greece

· Nicoya, Costa Rica

Sardinia, Italy (Image Source)

And the first letter of each of those hotspots makes up our name S-O-L-I-N… we have our ever-creative Head of Design, Paul, to credit for thinking up this one back in 2019.

When looking at these regions, Mr. Buettner and his team discovered 9 common characteristics (the "Power 9 Lifestyle Habits") that enabled this high quality of life.

And the truth is – these characteristics involve so much more than just fitness – they encompass movement, stress reduction, a sense of purpose, community, balance, happiness, belief systems, and more specific things like adequate fiber intake to promote gut health.

To be fair, it’s not realistic for most of us in today’s modern world to live exactly like the people in the Blue Zones. After all, we have many demands on our daily lives – many of us have desk jobs, kids, live in big cities – the list goes on and on.

But that doesn’t mean that we can’t level up our lives in a more modern way by focusing on things like our fitness, mental health, finding purpose, and being mindful of things we can do around the edges to enhance our quality of life.

Too often, people think that living a healthy life is all about fitness. But the truth is – it’s so much more than that. Nutrition, mental health, relationships & other elements are all equally important.

Below, we’ve included an image and laid out the Power 9 Lifestyle Habits of people in the Blue Zones (source) – as defined by Dan Buettner – and provided a little ‘spin’ on what each of these can relate to in our lives:

Power 9 Lifestyle Habits (Source)

1. Move naturally -> fitness, being active

2. Purpose -> find your passion

3. Downshift -> reduce stress & improve mental health

4. 80% Rule (stop eating when 80% full) -> create healthy nutrition habits

5. Plant Slant -> eat lots of vegetables, fiber, & promote gut health

6. Wine @ 5 -> be social & prioritize relationships

7. Belong -> build community with those in your life

8. Loved Ones First -> value your closest relationships

9. Right Tribe -> surround yourself with good influences

The great thing about understanding and working to improve on each (or any) of these is that they can create impact in our lives in many ways, depending on the goal.

For simplicity, let’s break the most common goals down into 3 key buckets:

1. Increase quality of life & vitality: things like looking good, feeling good, being happy, being able to run around with your kids at age 40 or 50

2. Increase longevity: enhance the length of your life (the Blue Zones have the highest concentration of centenarians – people living to be 100+)

3. Enhance performance: for the high-performance individuals out there, enhancing physical, mental, emotional, or other aspects of performance so you can be at your best

By working on any (or all) of the 9 characteristics, you can make progress towards any of the 3 goals above, depending on your focus.

Our over-arching mission here at Solin is to help you live your best life and enhance your overall well-being. Whether that is by leveling up your fitness, nutrition, mindset, motivation, optimizing performance, learning a new skill – we’re committed to offering products to help you improve your life.

While the learnings from the Blue Zones are fantastic in theory, many of us live in fast-paced, hectic environments with day jobs and the stresses of every day modern life. The pursuit of betterment is crucial – but so is balance, community, & enjoying life in today's world.

To help you level up in a modern way, we partner with experts & creators who are good motivators with a high level of knowledge and expertise. All these experts have what we label as a ‘superpower’ – maybe they are thought leaders, phenomenal persuaders, or simply set a good example.

Whatever their ‘superpower’ may be – it’s our job to spot that, help them create a compelling product around it, and deliver that product to users in a world-class way.

While many of the products on the platform today (as of December 2022) are specifically fitness & nutrition-related, you can expect to see a much wider range of options, encompassing topics like mindset, mental health, self-improvement, human performance, & so much more.

The beauty of working with experts & creators to develop these products is that there are so many niches & highly specific products we can create. We look forward to bringing more and more of these to life in the days, months, & years to come.

For now, you can explore all existing products at the link here: https://solin.stream/explore

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